Professional Painting

Professional Painting for All Your Needs at Mike’s Home Repair

At Mike’s Home Repair, in addition to providing the most dependable and cost-effective home repair, we provide interior and exterior painting services. We have been successfully serving Charlotte, Concord, and adjoining areas. Our team of professional painters, combine experience with professional painting knowledge and skills to advise customers about the products that meet their specifications. We, at Mike’s, believe in getting the job done right the first time itself. We are committed to educating our customers on their painting preferences to help them make an informed decision.

Why Choose Mike’s Home Repair for Your Professional Painting Needs?

We offer a comprehensive range of professional painting services. Right from painting a single room to an entire home, we do professional painting of all kinds. Here is a list of painting-related services that we offer:

  • Repairs to ceilings, interior walls, doors, windows, and cabinets
  • Repairs to the siding
  • Brick, stucco, and stone repairs
  • Proper preparation of the surface to get it paint-ready, and primer painting
  • Finish coat painting or other type of coating depending on the customer’s requirements
  • Deck restoration and repairs
  • Weather strip applications for interior/exterior doors and windows

We have an experienced painting crew that can efficiently and adeptly handle your painting needs. We work with dedication and speed – we usually complete painting an entire home in a day!

Homeowners Take Note – Points to Consider Before Getting Your Home Painted

Getting your house painted? You should go through the following points before making a call to the painting company:

It’s important that you know what condition your home is in. At Mike’s we take a walk with you, to correctly assess and examine any damages and identify your painting requirements. Before the actual job of painting begins it’s important that that the surfaces to be painted are prepared. The home has to be prepared in a few other ways too – furniture should be moved, window screens should be removed, and so should weather stripping. Make sure that caulks and sealants are adequately provided by the professional painters.

Mike’s Home Repair provides you with hassle-free painting services at attractive rates. Call us today if you are in the Charlotte, Ballantyne, Concord, or Huntersville area and are looking for professional help for painting.