Mike is a Licensed NC General Contractor located in the Charlotte 
and surrounding areas.

Damp walls, a stuck door, a damaged wall or any other problem within your home 
can cause you a lot of stress and inconvenience. Sometimes the problem is much 
more serious and inconvenience is not the only thing you’ve got to worry about 
because your very safety may be threatened. Don’t ignore home repairs until they 
become huge, expensive problems. No matter what kind of home repair, modification 
or reconstruction you need, just call us at Mike’s Handyman & Home Repair service. 
We will deliver the best solutions at affordable prices.

What we do

At Mike’s Handyman & Home Repair, we cover all kinds of repairs including wood 
repairs, roof repair, HVAC, dry wall repair and much more. However, timely and 
effective home repair is not all that we do. Our range of services includes 
professional interior and exterior painting, window/ door replacement, home 
renovations and additions, pressure washing, complete makeovers and more. We 
can fix or build anything you need for your home- foundation, roof and everything 
in between! And we do all of this in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Why choose us

At Mike’s Handyman & Home Repair, we have earned a name for reliable and ethical 
service since we set up shop in 2008. A local area resident, Mike is a licensed 
professional NC Residential General Consultant and Home Inspector. At Mike’s we 
have teams of professional tradesman who are experts in handling repairs, 
modifications, additions and renovations at homes, commercial properties or 
retailer locations. We keep our clients in the loop with their project, telling 
them why we are doing a particular repair and how they can prevent similar problems 
in the future. For high profile clients, we offer 100% privacy with our service. 
No matter what you need and how you need it, we can adapt our solutions to meet 
your needs perfectly. 

There are quite a few home repair services in and around Charlotte, Ballantyne, 
Concord and Huntersville area so why should you choose us to handle your home repairs? 
Great question and we will love to have our happy customers answer it for you. Here 
are a few of the factors that make our customers more than just ‘satisfied’ with the 
way we work: expertise, reliability, excellent pricing, honesty, and the willingness 
to go the extra mile with the work so that every customer is only too keen to recommend 
us to friends and family. 

Our work ethics, proven expertise and enthusiasm for work set us apart from competitors 
at our service locations in Charlotte, Ballantyne, Concord and Huntersville. Choose 
affordable home maintenance with same day service in most of these areas from 
Mike’s Handyman & Home Repair and you will find that home maintenance has never 
been this easy before!