Screened Porches and Custom Built Decks

Want your home to outshine the neighborhood? Breathe new life into your backyard by adding custom built decks and porch screens from Mike’s Home Repair. Apart from being experienced technicians in porch and deck installation, we provide creative input to make your backyard one of a kind. You can proudly host barbeque evenings or a fancy weekend brunch in your neighborhood with a brand new deck and porch.

Our creative and customized solutions

With creative design and installation solutions to do up your property, you can come home to a unique setting that is perfect to relax and have friends over. Our personalized services for screened porches and custom built decks include:

  • Installation of custom built decks
  • Repair and replacement of porch screens
  • Maintenance of porches and decks
  • New installation of porch / deck accessories

With our customized creative installation solutions for porch screens and decks, your home can boast a unique look. For more information on our expert installations and repair services, contact Mike’s Home Repairs today. We look forward to serving you!

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